The Cash Monkey Store Visitor Review

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The Cash Monkey website displays the services provided by Cash Monkey, a Pawn Shop Derby which has three branches in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. The website provides details of services such as 28 Day Buy Backs, Cheque Cashing, Currency Exchange, and Buying of Goods. With Cash Monkey, customers make different money transactions.
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The Cash Monkey Store Services
• 28 Day Buy Back
The Cash Monkey Store features information on how customers can get instant cash for their goods whenever they are running out of cash. Cash Monkey simply sells the unwanted goods and services of the customer and provides them the cash from the sale to use for whatever they want in minutes. Some of the goods that Cash Monkey sells include jewelry, household items, gadgets etc.
Cash Monkey even sells the gold of the customer who needs the cash at a fair price. All the sales are at the best price and a guarantee is even provided to customers to that effect.
• Cheque Cashing
On the Cash Monkey website, information about cashing cheques is provided. The store uses the knowledge of how to cash cheques at banks to offer their services to customers who want to cash their cheques from their banks. What’s more, the whole process is accomplished in minutes.
The procedure on how to go about the cheque cashing is also presented. All the customer needs are the third-party cheque, their proof of address, and an identification photo. Cash Monkey staff then handles the left.
• Currency Exchange
With Cash Monkeys, customers can get money for their holiday trips and occasions by using the currency exchange services of Cash Monkey. The Cash Monkey team makes the process fast and easy and provides a wide range of currency options for their customers at great rates.
• Purchase of goods
With Cash Monkey, customers can buy top brands at awesome prices. Items such as diamonds, gold, and silver in particular goods that Cash Monkey specializes in. When a customer cannot afford a piece of gold jewelry, for example, Cash Monkey buys it and reserves it for the customer to purchase in installments.

Cash Monkey Offices
As a pawn shop derby, Cash Monkey has offices in Ilkeston, Long Eaton, and more recently, Mansfield, UK. The addresses of the branches across Derbyshire and Nottingham are listed on the website. Each of those offices provide outstanding cash services to customers.
The Ilkeston office was opened in 2013 providing all of Cash Monkey’s services. Long Eaton was opened in 2015 and all provides all the services offered by Cash Monkey. Mansfield, the most recent of them all, was opened in 2018 and also provide all of Cash Monkey’s services.

The website contains all the information that a customer or prospect may wish to know about the Cash Monkey store.

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